Bracken Rothwell sponsored rally car crashes out early in Jersey Rally

On stage three of the Jersey Rally on Victoria Avenue a mixture of wet roads, over enthusiastic driving and a suspected steering arm failure caused the race prepared Vauxhall Nova to lose control and hit the central reservation and collide with the metal pedestrian barriers.  Both the co-driver (our head of local business) and the driver were unhurt apart from their pride being a little dented.

The service crew battled all day and night on Friday with the help of other service crews trying to repair the car only to discover that the car was not able to be fixed on time for scrutineering of the Saturday Trophy rally.  The overall winner in Class A (the class our sponsored car is in) was won by Stuart Thompson and Lee Dare in their Nova WRC and hopefully next year the Bracken Rothwell car will be out to improve on this year’s result.

The car will be running in the New Year in various hill climbs, auto solo's and rallies and so we will keep you updated on its progress.

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